Estate Liquidity Provider

About the Estate Liquidity Provider

Customer Need & Target Market

The winding up of a deceased estate may give rise to unexpected professional fees such
as executors’ fees, conveyancers’ fees and trustees fees.

The payment of these fees can unexpectedly reduce the value of the estate. In addition, if there is insufficient cash to pay these fees, then the executor may be forced to liquidate estate assets – which is usually undesirable for the family of the deceased.

The estate liquidity provider is designed to protect the value of the estate by paying a benefit which may be used to pay for these expenses. It is a packaged life insurance product designed to meet a specific customer need and makes use of smart underwriting to assess the health risk of new customers.

How it Works

There are four steps to MobiLife’s Estate Liquidity Provider Toolkit

Unique Advantages

MobiLife products have unique advantages: 

Customised Benefits

The Estate Liquidity Provider benefits have been designed to closely match the anticipated expenses incurred in the winding up of the deceased’s estate – avoiding an unplanned reduction in the value of the estate.

100% Digital

Our simplified sales processes are 100% paperless and designed to be completed in minutes on any smartphone or digital device.

100% Flexible

MobiLife will never cancel (lapse) an insurance policy if a premium is skipped. Cover does reduce for a while, but increases again as premiums are paid in future. Policies can be changed at any time, and the customer never pays any penalties.
The policy will pay the full death benefit – regardless of which service provider is ultimately selected to administer the estate.

100% Transparent

MobiLife products are always easy to understand and 100% transparent. We disclose exactly where the ultimate policy benefits are paid.

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